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Gift card / discount code

On this page, you can read everything about gift cards and discount codes for Skiwear4u.com

Gift card
It is not possible to buy a gift card on our website. If you are interested in buying a gift card for Skiwear4u.com, you must contact our customer service at info@skiwear4u.com

Our team in customer service will then create a gift card for you.

If you have a gift card for Skiwear4u.com, you must enter your gift card code on the basket page.. You can do that just below the big checkout button.

Discount codes
Several websites claim to have discount codes for Skiwear4u.com. These discount codes don't work. These websites aim to drive traffic to their site and make money from ads and commercials. As a customer, you will gain nothing from visiting these websites, as you will not find valid discount codes.

At Skiwear4you we already have a 100% price guarantee. This means that you already have the opportunity to make the best trade on the market. Therefore, we do not work actively to hand out discount codes for our shop either.

If you have a discount code that does not work, it may be due to the following:
- The discount code has expired
- You have found a fake discount code on another website
- You have entered the discount code incorrectly
- You do not meet the requirements for the discount code. For example, it is not valid for the item you have in your basket, or you do not meet a minimum amount in your shopping basket.

We recommend that you try to use the discount code one more time. If you still can't get the discount code to work and you're sure it should, please contact our customer support.

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