BCA T4 avalanche kit

BCA T4 avalanche kit

BCA's most advanced rescue package. Includes Tracker4 avalanche beacon with harness, Stealth 270 probe, and B-1 EXT shovel
509 EUR
BCA TS Rescue avalanche set

BCA TS Rescue avalanche set

Includes Tracker S beacon with harness, Stealth 270 probe, and Dozer 1T shovel.
349 EUR

Some of the best avalanche safety gear on market

BCA says that, saving lives is what they do best. They invented the digital multi-antenna avalanche transceiver. The BCA Tracker3 model is the industry’s fastest, most precise pinpointing. It is very easy to use, and to carry around in the offpiste.
Backcountry Access’ mission is to save as many lives as possible. They are celebrating their 20th year on the market in 2015, and are now one of the biggest and most trusted name in snow safety equipment. BCA avalanche safety gear wants to equip you with the best safety gear for the backcountry, but also give you the avalanche knowledge, to make the right decision, in case of avalanche. Which is why all avalanche products from BCA are supported with a customer education program, which will show you a lot about the products and about avalanches.

How to use your avalanche transceiver

Even though you have bought the best avalanche equipment and avalanche safety gear, you are not safe in the backcountry. Therefor it is very important, that you read or watch videos about your BCA avalanche equipment. There is no use of having the products, if you do not know how to properly use you avalanche equipment. We recommend you to hire a mountain guide for 1 day, if you go to a new ski resort, the guide can tell you anything about the snow, area, avalanche safety gear, and where to find the best offpiste. It is not that expensive if you are a bigger team. REMEMBER every time you want to go out to the backcountry and do some freeriding, you need to make a test and check, that everybody’s transceiver/beacon is working, so that you would be able to find each other, in case of avalanche that will take no more than 1 minute, to test. Always have you transceiver turn on, when you put on your skis. If you are not 100% confident on yourself and your avalanche equipment, you should make some games back home, like a small treasure hunt in the sand, garden etc. That will give you some experience in how to use your avalanche tools, and how to find other avalanche transceivers. 

Difference between BCA Tracker 2 og BCA Tracker3:

The BCA Tracker 3 is 30 smaller, lighter and faster than the BCA Tracker 2. The Tracker 2 is made to be simple and easy to use, whereas the Tracker 3, is for those who spent a lot of time in the offpist, rather than one yearly trip. The Tracker 3 is more complicated (Still really easy to use), but it has a lot more features, like the flag mode, which is very handy if more than one people are buried in the avalanche. This means that with the flag mode/pin mode etc. you can mark where people are. Instead of the Tracker 2, which can only find 1 person at a time..  

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