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The story behind

It all began in 2003 is rooted back to 2003. The company was founded with the purpose of offering equipment to ski enthusiasts. Our in-house skiers all share a passion for skiing, and a passion for sharing their love of skiing with all of our customers.

We experience this passion as one of the main reasons why our customers are so loyal. We want it to shine through, via email, chat or telephone, that we are here to give You the guidance needed to find the equipment you are searching for.

Today we also offer a wide variety of outdoor equipment, bags etc.

Our mission

We have a simple mission, which is to deliver top class customer happiness. We believe this is achieved via a very personal service experience and offering a range of equipment to suit the needs of all ages and personalities.

We offer:
- Low shipping prices
- Best in class customer service on a very personal level

Sustainability is key 🌱 🌍 is more than just a webshop. Even though we always wish to run a healthy and profitable business, we also wish to help preserve a healthy and sustainable environment.

That is why we do what we can to minimize our impact on the environment. This means that we have brought down our consumption of electricity by 33 % within the last two years. This is a result of substituting traditional lighting with modern LED lights. This has brought down our emission by 18 ton CO2 per year.

Furthermore we have cut our use of paper, in relation to order print-outs in the warehouse, by 50 %. We have also replaced our former company car with a KIA Ceed Hybrid.

These are just a few places where we have done what we can and we promise to keep this focus in the future.

Video: Get a glimpse of what we do

We are a team of ski enthusiasts. We work hard to make sure that we deliver best-in-class service as well as offering high-quality goods at affordable prices.

In the following video you will get a glimpse of the people at

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