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Kids' Skis and Ski Boots

Here you can find skis for all levels for kids and junior. We offer skis that are novice, intermediate and experienced. In addition, we have ski boots in several sizes.

Many of our skis have a smart binding system that allows the binding to be set for different ski boots. This is ideal, as it makes it possible to adjust into larger boot sizes and the skis can be handed over to a younger sibling.

If you are in doubt about the sizes, feel free to contact our customer service, who will be happy to assist you. We also sell skis for women and skis for men

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Salomon S/FORCE Jr M + L6 GW

Salomon S/FORCE Jr S + C5 GW

Salomon S/MAX Jr M + L6 GW, orange

Salomon T1 Jr XS + C5 GW

Salomon S/MAX Jr S + C5 GW, orangeSave -487 %

Salomon S/MAX Jr S + C5 GW, orange

1.050 EUR RRP 179 EUR

Salomon QST Lux Jr. S + Salomon Team T2 Jr.Save 3 %

Salomon S/MAX Jr S Orange + Salomon Team T2Save 3 %