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Nikwax Tech Wash + TX Direct Wash-In, 2x300ml

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For wash and waterproofing of technical clothing Read more
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Nikwax Tech Wash, 300 ml
Nikwax TX-Direct wash-in, 300 ml
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Nikwax Tech Wash + TX Direct Wash-In, 2x300ml

Nikwax Tech Wash is used for washing of technical breathable clothing like Gore-Tex, Dermizax, Sympatex etc., but can be used for wool and other wear too.

This product does not contain solvents. The soap can be used regularly for washing of clothing and equipments, without damaging the water-repelling coat.

Nikwax TX-Direct is used for reproofing of every kind of technical and breathable clothing like Gore-tex, Dermizax, Sympatex etc.

Wash-in washing liquid for technical clothing and equipment. The wash-in restores the breathability and maintains the water-repelling capabilities of the clothing. The product is to be used after washing of the clothing with Nikwash Tech Wash and after approximately every fourth wash.

TX-Direct puts a water repelling layer on the outer fabric, which is very important in the aspect of maintaining the breathability of the clothing in rainy weather.

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